If you read this chances are that you already know that WordPress is so much more than just a “blogging platform”. It has come a long way since it was first released back in 2003. It has evolved to be used as a full content management system and so much more through the thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes that are available.

WordPress is the most powerful content management systems in the world – today it powers just under 17% of the top one million websites in the world. Millions of people from across the globe turn to WordPress to build websites of all shapes and sizes and across all different categories

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WordPress is limited only by your imagination (and of course your technical skills). WordPress out-of-the-box will take you to 80% and with our plugins, you will find the remaining 20%.

We take pride in using WordPress as our preferred platform when we develop websites for our customers. From small personal websites to large systems that manage several hundred thousand members and advanced affiliate systems – we have used WordPress with great success.

We decided to turn some of the plugins we have created into commercial plugins, which we sell on the Codecanyon marketplace. We have sold close to 33,600 plugins, which is currently being used on more than 150,000 websites. Our customers are other developers, designer, and WordPress users that use the plugins for their client projects or personal websites. We have also released a number of free plugins and free add-ons for our many commercial plugins.

Modal Log In for WordPress

Modal Log-in for WordPress provides you with a beautiful alternative log-in for your WordPress powered website based on the popular Twitter Boostrap, a front-end toolkit for developing web applications.

When creating our popular White Label Branding for WordPress our idea was never to hide the fact the website is powered by WordPress. We firmly believe that it is a positive thing that your website is built using WordPress. However we received a lot of feedback from customers asking for an alternative to the normal WordPress plugin and also a way to hide the wp-login.php and wp-admin for increased security. And also for not obviously giving away that the website is powered by WordPress.

With this in mind we have created Modal Log-in for WordPress, which is a powerful plugin that lets you easily create stunning looking Log-in, Log-out, Register, Lost your password and Maintenance message for your WordPress powered website.

We hope you will like it!

Some of the features

Update the plugin directly from within WordPress admin

You can now update Modal Log In for WordPress directly from within WordPress admin. All you need to do is enter your Item Purchase Code (License Key) in the Options Panel.

Modal Log In for WordPress Auto Update

Compatible with Social Login

If you want to add Social Network login to your site there are many options. However, we know that Modal Log In is compatible with OA Social Login from Let your visitors log in with social media networks like Blogger, Facebook, Github, Google, LinkedIn, PayPal, StackExchange, Steam, Twitter, WindowsLive, WordPress, Yahoo and many other networks.

When you purchase Modal Log In for WordPress we will provide you with a coupon code giving you 40% discount on the first year’s annual subscription plan from (Basic, Plus, Pro or Business levels).

Please notice that no purchase is necessary in order to use the Social Network Login feature.

Clean, Simple and Beautiful Interface

Modal Log In for WordPress is based on the Twitter Bootstrap, a front-end toolkit for developing web applications. We have developed a powerful CSS editor, which easily let you customize all forms in the WordPress login.

Modal Log In for WordPress - Login and Editor

CSS Editor compatible with iPad and Tablets

The editor works perfectly in all modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE 10. The actual login will also work in older browsers like IE7, IE8 and IE9.

Modal Log In for WordPress - Pointing finger on iPad

Options Panel – General Settings

Under General Settings you can enable modal login on wp-login.php. That means it will replace the normal WordPress login. And you can create a “panic key”, which is helpful if you experience problems with the login screen. Using the “panic key” lets you bypass the Modal Log In.

Modal Log In for WordPress - General Settings

Options Panel – Maintenance Mode

If you enable “forced login” all users visiting your website will be asked to login before getting access to any content. If you enable “maintenance mode” only the Administrator will be able to access the website.

Modal Log In for WordPress - Maintenance Mode

Options Panel – Login redirect

You can set a default redirect URL and you can set a redirection URL by user role. If you have created any custom user roles with our White Label Branding for WordPress plugin you will also be able to ser a redirect URL for these user roles.

Modal Log In for WordPress - Login redirect

Options Panel – Admin and login rewrite

If you enable the URL rewrite options you will be able to change the wp-login.php and wp-admin URL. You can even block the standard URL’s from working.  Please notice that it is very important that you disable the URL rewrite options before you disable and remove the plugin as this feature changes your .htaccess. If you don’t do this you will experience problems with logging into WordPress and you will have to manually edit your .htaccess by FTP access.

Modal Log In for WordPress - Admin and login rewrite

This is just some of the features of Modal Log In for WordPress. We encourage you to take a look at the screenshots to get a full overview of the interface and features, or login and take the plugin for a test drive before you decide whether to buy it or not. When you login using the button below you will automatically get redirected to the Modal Log In CSS Editor.

Username: DemoUser
Password: TryMeNow


List of Features

Main Features

  • Replace the default WordPress login with Twitter Boostrap powered Modal Login
  • Log In, Log Out, Lost Your Password and Register all integrated in Modal Login
  • Shortcode for WordPress Menu dynamically showing “Log In” or “Log Out”
  • Set Redirect URL after Log In by User Role
  • NEW: Set Redirect URL after Log Out by User Role
  • Support for responsive Modal Log In form for mobile devices.
  • Support for custom buttons in Modal Log In form
  • Enable Maintenance Screen feature. Only Administrator will be able to login when Maintenance Mode is activated.
  • Enable Forced Log In. All users will be prompted with Modal Login when visiting your website.
  • Optional re-write of .htaccess allowing to block access to wp-login.php and wp-admin and set alternate login URL’s. This will help increase security on your website.
  • Set Panic Key (optional). If login screen is broken you can skip the Modal Log-in by using the Panic Key
  • Troubleshooting and Debug mode for faster and easier support.
  • Free Downloadable Templates when entering your License Key
  • Update plugin directly from wp-admin when entering your License Key



Below you will see detailed screenshots with comments of Modal Log In for WordPress version 1.2.5.